App Interface

Smooth design with best dot color combination. Easy navigation and most friendly to use with great user experience.

Data Communication

Three dots game can be played between two human player over wifi. Contact Search can transfer contacts between two devices.

Contact Search

Presented contact information in different context and so that user can easily access and use them. Share contacts in urgent need.

Three Dots

Artificial intellegence can challenge your ability of playing board game. You can enjoy it playing in between other players as well.

Our Focused on Feature

Presenting contact info

Contact search presenting contact information in a more visible and useful manner. The best way to connect one via dial up. Share contacts to anyone over local wifi. Sharing will be more robust on next version.

Best board game

Three Dots is a challenging board game and more advanced than Tic Tac Toe game. Artificial Intellegence is its main decision maker. You can take pride to defeat it. Challenge your best friend to play with you.

Great user experience

If you use it you will feel it. Most friendly user interface with best quality. Everything is decorated in easy and efficient way, you can just touch and play.

Amazing Compatibility.

Contact search can be used instead of iOS default contact application. Here contacts are more dynamically presented and well organized. Every information can be accessed easily. One can share contacts to the neighbouring one over wifi. In future people can share contacts from remote without hand typing and cellular messaging. Contact backup will be available as well.

Remarkable Features

Three dots is an amazing game like Tic Tac Toe. Intellectual IQ increasing game can be source of great entertainment. Artificial Intellegence can serve you as the best opponent. You can also play three dots in multiplayer mode against your friends in both android and iOS platform.

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